Interior paint with three tone finishInterior Painting

Designs by Gentry has a dedicated painting division. There is no better way to update your home than to give it new paint. Painting is the most economical upgrade you can do. We are not just painters, we take the time to help you pick a color that works with your existing features or an entirely new paint color for your home, to give it that updated look you are trying to obtain. When considering interior painting a two or three-tone paint will give your home style and contrast. Sure, it costs a little more, but when you are looking to update and freshen your home, you will find that it is a small investment in the overall update. Are you tired of your dark and outdated cabinets? Designs by Gentry can come in and give your cabinets an update just by painting them. We use high-quality paint that resists chips and nicks. Painting the cabinets and adding new hardware will bring your cabinets up to date for a lot less than new cabinets. Remember Designs by Gentry also installs new cabinets, so if you want an entire updated kitchen or bath we can repaint the walls and install new cabinets and countertops. Designs by Gentry does it all.

brick entrance to mansionExterior Painting

When considering painting the exterior of your home there is a lot to consider. The style of your home has some features that certain colors complement more than others. A Victorian design is best complemented with colors that complement that era of the home. A Plantation home may look out of place painted bright colors or dark gothic design colors. That being said, it is your home and we love doing things that are out of the ordinary. It is critical to use high-quality paint when painting exteriors. We also offer paint that has a limited lifetime warranty for exterior painting from Sherwin Williams. You don’t have to choose this higher cost paint, but using it will give you years of a beautiful exterior finish. Your front door is the first thing guests see. It also takes a lot of abuse in day to day life. If you want a quick freshening up, have us come paint your front door, add a rug to the porch and you will be amazed at how much it can change the look of your home.

Choose Designs by Gentry as your professional painter. We are very careful to protect surfaces that are not to be painted. A quality paint job starts at the masking stage. We take the necessary time to mask and cover those surfaces that need to be protected. Invite Designs by Gentry to come to your home and give you a bid.

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